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linkin park

Linkin Park is one of those Rock bands that never seems to have a down period. They’ve been popular for a decade now after their album “Hybrid Theory” came out and became a massive hit with fans and critics alike. They are constantly changing and certainly haven’t rested with their musical evolution. One example of that came when they collaborated with Jay-Z on a rap/rock album named “Collision Course” which debuted at #1. A very rare honor for an EP. Their latest release “A Thousand Suns” has been appreciated by many, but left some fans underwhelmed after realizing it was a large departure from the bands hard driving, heavy metal roots. The band maintains it’s just part of their growth as a group.

In this widget you can check out these Linkin Park MP3 tracks from their latest releases that you can download here at Download Free Music.

Some of the Linkin Park track samples are “Waiting For The End” and “In The End” which will show you a good example of how the band has changed through the years. The band seems to have handled their success and popularity well so we expect to see them around for years. Personally I’d love to see them get back their heavier music, but record companies love radio-friendly hits so we’ll see what happens.

Here is the video for “New Divide” off of the Transformers soundtrack.

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